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Plastic-Free Vegan Skincare, Haircare & Homewares Online Shop UK

Plastic-Free Vegan Skincare, Haircare & Homewares Online Shop UK

Dancing Barefoot Is An Online Plastic-Free Vegan Skincare, Haircare & Homewares Shop, Selling Sustainable Skincare, Vegan Makeup & Natural Haircare Products

Hi, I’m Sarah, founder of Dancing Barefoot Ltd a totally plastic-free online store.
We opened for business in February 2020 with the aim of offering a selection of brilliant sustainable, low waste and ethically-made toiletries & cosmetics.
All the items we sell have been hand-picked and tried and tested by me
(tough job, I know!)
I’ve chosen them because they’re really lovely products, they’re made with only natural ingredients and they’re an easy eco alternative to the highly-packaged
High Street brands.

I started Dancing Barefoot because, like many, many people I’m deeply worried about the impact us humans are having on our planet. And I’m passionate about doing something to reverse the damage.

Despite all the bad news I really believe it’s not too late and that by changing our habits, one product at a time, we can all make a difference.
Dancing Barefoot offers a way to make these changes easy and affordable.

Our aim is to make eco-friendly living easy.
That’s why everything we sell is plastic-free and vegan..

You can browse our range of skincare, makeup, haircare and homeware knowing that it’s all sustainable and ethical.
We’ve selected products from some of the best low waste brands and their beautiful, innovative products make sustainable swaps simple


Visit our site for details

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