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Brighton & Hove Online Counselling & Therapy

Brighton & Hove Online Counselling & Therapy

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy in Brighton & Hove with Experienced Counsellors. Initial 30 mins Consultation For Just £15. Safe & Confidential.


We are a team of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists in Brighton & Hove who strive to make your therapeutic journey as safe and comfortable for you as possible. If you are here you might feel confused, unable to enjoy life as you did before, or struggling to come to terms with past traumas or a recent loss.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you see your current situation in a new light, depth and clarity. They can change old and unhelpful perspectives and feelings you might hold about yourself and your life, and ultimately help you make positive changes and get you to enjoy life once again. Talking to someone impartial in a confidential setting can also help you feel less burdened and provide a space to discuss matters that otherwise you feel you need to keep to yourself or you don’t want to disclose to family and friends.

At Brighton Counselling Collective we strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you’ll feel supported in exploring any issues that are troubling you in complete confidentiality.

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Roma LTD Food Commodities & Hospital Equipment Suppliers

Roma LTD Food Commodities & Hospital Equipment Suppliers

Roma LTD Is A Trusted Name In The Supply Of Commodities & Hospital Equipment. Supplying Edible Oils, Sugar, Agro, Hospital Ventilators, PPE & Facemasks Products.

We at Roma, provide a sourcing solution for companies seeking to make significant savings or achieve efficiencies within their existing operation. We take responsibility for the management of existing in-house facilities and use our skills, knowledge and advanced systems to meet improved standards of service. We have vast experience in supplying Various products.
We are stockists and suppliers of leading Medical and hospital equipment
We offer a wide variety of services.
We are also a contractor for the National Guard, our biggest client. Other clients include Bundeswher , BBC, ICC , HOG and Many More ,
We are also supplying improved chemicals used in the manufacturing process of Brake Pads and Clutch Plates for the Vast Indian Market.
The range of Products that we supply is very vast, it can be anything from T-shirts, caps, pins, mugs, lanyards, cd`s, DVD, Safety Armour just to name a few. We also specialize in promotional items such as corporate giveaways. We are constantly expanding our products which are of the highest quality, carefully designed and manufactured to provide you with an excellent choice together with a professional reliable service and guaranteed delivery dates. We take great pride in our ability to tailor services to meet your needs and prices to fit your individual budget.


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Richard Bayliss Freelance Criminal Defence Solicitor London

Richard Bayliss Freelance Criminal Defence & Motoring Solicitor London

I have over 16 years of experience in criminal defence and motoring law. I have represented thousands of clients at the police station and at court for every type of offence. I understand what you are going through and know how much you have to lose.

Following careful consideration of your case, I will give you clear and effective advice so you can make the right decisions.

Whatever your circumstance my aim is to get you the best possible outcome at the police station or court, so you can get on with your life again. Book an appointment, contact me or email me richard@defencesolicitor.net


About me /
Police station interviews and advice /
Court advice and representation /
Common offences and loopholes /

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Talk Therapy Online CBT Trained Online Therapists

Talk Online with Qualified CBT Trained Online Therapists, Counselling That Can Help You With Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Insomnia, Bereavement

How online therapy can help you

The National Health Service (NHS) states that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a talking treatment which treats any current issues you are facing today rather than focusing on any past issues. Many professionals favour this approach as CBT is based on the concept that your feelings, thoughts and physical senses are all interconnected and any negative feelings can trap you in a brutal circle.

CBT is a practical approach that helps you deal with overpowering thoughts and feelings. The goal of CBT is to change patterns of intrusive thoughts or behaviour by breaking down your problems into separate parts and analyse these areas to determine the negative effect they have. Eventually, your therapist will assist you in managing your issues by dealing with them in a healthy way.


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Melissa Barber Online Adult Counsellor & Psychotherapy Berkshire

Melissa Barber Online Adult Counsellor & Psychotherapy Berkshire

Melissa Barber Psychotherapist Winnersh, Bracknell Reading Berkshire. Offers Online Counselling & Therapy For Anxiety Depression OCD Relationships & More


Melissa Barber Counselling

your space, your time, your agenda

Life can be challenging. We can feel like we’ve lost our way or even lost ourselves. Sometimes, being with someone independent of your life, circumstances and relationships can be the best way to put things into perspective.

As a qualified, BACP registered counsellor I can offer you the attention, patience and space required to help you to work out what is really going on for you; a place of clarity and new possibilities.

Online and telephone counselling now available

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Online Psychotherapy & Counselling Kensington London

Online Psychotherapy & Counselling Kensington London

Simon Wilson Stephens

I am a fully qualified BACP registered counsellor in Kensington London here to support and help you through the emotional difficulties you might be experiencing.

Life often throws challenges at us which can be hard to cope with. Maybe you’d like greater self-confidence, are feeling stressed with work or have communication issues in your relationships. It could be you’ve lived through a traumatic experience or struggle with alcohol or drugs. The Coronavirus pandemic might have left you feeling stuck, looking for a change in life direction but not sure how to do it? 

Whatever it is I’m curious to explore with you what is going on and to discover a new way forward that works for you.

Therapy might sound challenging to begin but I’ve worked with many people who have gained a lot from it. Talking with someone who is non-judgemental and trained to listen carefully to what you need, can help you to feel better, make decisions about changes that are possible and clear a path to a more peaceful and fulfilling future.

As an experienced counsellor, I will take you through a therapeutic process where you are guided to connect more deeply to yourself, identify your goals and dreams as well as areas where you might be struggling so that you can be your true self and fulfil your highest potential.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers but my work as a therapist is based on the belief that positive change is possible when we connect through relationship and have the right support in place. 

If you are keen to get started and would like to know more about how I work, get in touch for your free 20-minute telephone consultation. We will have a chat during which it’s a chance for you to tell me a bit about your story and I can answer any questions you may have. You can then decide if my approach is right for you. Alternatively, If you’d like to go ahead and book an initial online 50-minute consultation get in touch by making an appointment (see below) or send me an email or text.

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Porcelain Tiles Stone Flooring Ascot Berkshire & Marlow Bucks

Porcelain Tiles Stone Flooring Ascot Berkshire & Marlow Bucks

Wall & Floor Porcelain Tiles

Hyperion Tiles Ltd is a leading Independent Tile stockist of Porcelain Tiles, Stone flooring and Statement Tiles 
Our showrooms in Ascot (Berkshire) and Marlow (Buckinghamshire) showcase our ranges of inspirational surfaces for our professional and private clients. We are very much a design-driven company who are constantly looking to bring in products that encompass current trends alongside our timeless classic collections.

Within our showrooms we aim to create a relaxed informal atmosphere where you can freely browse and gain creative advice and insights from our team, who will happily share their knowledge of our product ranges.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you on on any size project. We cater for all budgets and are keen to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. 

We are the choice of interior designers, local developers and builders looking for high quality products and reasonable prices.


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Natural Organic Beauty Skincare Nails & Jewellery Products

Papillon EarthNatural Organic Beauty Skincare Nails & Jewellery Products

Papillon Earth Brings you ethically sourced, organic & hand-crafted skincare, cruelty-free nail polishes & jewellery products from around the world.


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Tower Crane Training Courses in Campbelltown Sydney

Tower Crane Training Courses in Campbelltown Sydney

Tower Crane Training Campbelltown Sydney. Self Erecting Tower Crane Courses. Tower Crane Training Dogging Courses, Dogman Training, Personal Hoist HRW Licences

We have our cranes available every day if needed. Because we have smaller class sizes the trainer has more time to spend with each student. More time to help with the theory and more time in the seat or on the hook for the practicals.  

At Tower Crane Training we have excellent trainers who know how to help people navigate the demands of the course and the job. We keep our classes small to make sure the trainer has the time to help each student properly. We also ensure that you have trainer support outside of the standard training hours to make sure that if you have a problem we can help correct it as quickly as possible.


We aim to compete on quality, not price. We offer excellent training and facilities. Our aim is always to provide a great start to a career; a career that focuses on continual development of skills and promotes a safety-aware work ethic.  

We also offer our training outside work hours because we know that courses cost more than the course fee when you lose a weeks pay to do it. For a smaller builder this can be a loss of production.

Call, email or message us to book in training dates. We do on site training for groups of four or more.

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Drive On Floating Boat Docking Systems

Jet Ski Pontoons Walkways, Static-Engineered Boat Docks, Air Assisted-Engineered Boat Lift Systems, Multi-Hull Boat Dock and Boat Lift Systems

Drive-On Floating Boat Docking Systems

JetDock floating docks and boat docks are the safest, most user-friendly and convenient marine products available. The innovative lifting and buoyancy design is maintenance-free, so you can have more fun on the boat while spending less time maintaining your equipment.
This product is not simply a dock as it performs numerous other features and tasks; it may be more accurate to say that JetDock systems are a “floating boat lifting apparatus with mooring and storage capabilities”. Jet Dock’s innovative marine designs have been a step above the rest for years, allowing watercraft owners to spend less time storing and more time enjoying their craft.
We classify JetDock lifts in 5 categories, these are:

Jet ski


Static-Engineered Boat Docks

Air Assisted-Engineered Boat Lift Systems

Multi-Hull Boat Dock and Boat Lift Systems

Whether your craft is a Jet Ski, kayak, 12′ dinghy, powerboat, or a 50′ offshore performance boat, this excellent product will provide an easy drive-on method, maintenance-free construction, superior boarding and access, while remaining modular and portable. JetDock drive-on floating boat dock is simply the best solution for any docking situation.
Corrosion prevention is one of the main benefits to JetDock boat lifts and systems. No more time consuming, expensive hauling of your craft in and out of the water for cleaning and repainting! It is not difficult to spot the difference between boats that are stored on a JetDock boat lift and those that sit in the water full time. Other watercraft are subjected to the corrosiveness of the maritime environment which leads to staining of the hull. In addition, substantial amounts of algae, moss, and muck all degrade the performance of the watercraft.


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