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CrossFit Solid Orange is a Nashville CrossFit gym

CrossFit Solid Orange CrossFit Gym in Nashville TN

CrossFit Solid Orange is a Nashville CrossFit gym, easy to find, and one of the few nearby gyms in Antioch. Experience the fun of fitness in a welcoming community. Every day is a new challenge, with constant variation and professional coaching to keep your workout fresh and efficient.

Group classes and small breakouts into teams for strength training means all skill levels succeed here!  You do not need an athletic background, just a desire to learn. Everyone will know you by name and you’ll make meaningful friendships fast.

You will find yourself pushing harder than ever, with the encouragement of friends, the best interval training in Nashville TN, while improving your conditioning, cardio, and energy like never before.  Come in for your first visit without obligation.

Coach Ryan

Thank you for researching my CrossFit Box!  Coaching is in my blood and it started with youths at the YMCA while at Clemson University and then as a part-time professional fitness instructor in 2006.  In 2012, I discovered CrossFit and realized it is the superior way to train and turn into the best possible athlete.   My passion for CrossFit led me to leave my financial career of 12 years and open CrossFit Solid Orange in 2016!  If you make the commitment to show up, I will make sure you achieve outstanding results!



Gather, process, and deliver oxygen.


Deliver, store, and utilize energy.


The ability of muscular units to apply force.


Maximize the range of motion at a given joint


The ability to apply maximum force in minimum time.


To minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.


Combine several distinct patterns into a singular distinct movement.


Minimize transition time from one movement to another.


control centre of gravity in relation to its support base.


Control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

CrossFit improves your fitness in ten areas:

Why CrossFit




Classes Start @5:00AM


Class Starts @9:00AM


928 Richards Rd

Antioch, TN 37013

Tel: 615.988.4437


National Champions





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